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Flip of the Future...

Have you ever imagined owning and renting your own property for profit, but could not give up the extra time, money and effort that would take?

Copious Creations may have a viable solution for your "fix and flip" needs! We have created the ultimate container "flip" and the best part is it would come to you, ready to hook up and rent! 

  • No counting on contracting crews to be on time and budget.

  • No large mortgage payments to make and maintain.

  • No worries over long term loans due to the affordability of these houses.

Just add land is our tag line for a reason, it really can be that simple for you to have one, (or many) rentals in a small amount of time. We did it on our own land in Odessa, Tx and you can too! Give us a call, we would love to tell you more...

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Custom Shipping Containers made in United States of America

Copious Creations delivers to all lower 48 United States:

  • Shipping Containers

  • Office Containers

  • Storage Containers

  • Construction Site Containers

  • Corporate Housing Containers

  • Controlled Climate Containers

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