• Angela Webb & Matt Boden


In response to the recent Covid-19 outbreak, Copious Creations is proud to present our vegetation grow container that can assist small grocery store owners and home owners alike! These are contained growing solutions for you and your family during these uncertain times. Our grow rooms are outfitted for complete darkness using only the best in grow lighting equipment and quality air scrubbers. Also, it’s plug and play design makes it easy to incorporate the utilities you are already using at your home or business And, our unique shelving system allows you to move your vegetation through its growth stages to full potential effortlessly, as well.

Lastly, it’s enclosed design protects Your plants from nature’s critters and elements for flawless growing opportunities!

Call us today to see how easy it is to own your very own self-contained garden grow!

Financing available Owners,

Matt 432-307-2707

Angi 432-352-7124

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